Official poster for ‘aan allen die zich hier bevinden / to those who are here’

In to those who are here, Rotterdam city poet Dean Bowen paints a harsh and bleak picture of how we, the Dutch, ignore the sins of our colonial past.

With a blindfold tied over his eyes, Dean Bowen sits behind a small school desk. Calmly he recites his poem and while his words take effect, we distance ourselves. Slowly a classroom is revealed, filled with dozens of copies of Dean Bowen, also blindfolded. From behind their desks they recite their manifesto in unison, and educate us about what the history books do not tell us. About how the blood stains the hands, how the chains haven’t been forgotten, and how we can – and must learn so much more.

to those who are here is the third film in the short film series between the lines, a series of films based on the poems by Rotterdam city poet Dean Bowen. Created by Rauwkost-Collective in collaboration with the Central Library of Rotterdam and OPEN Rotterdam and made possible with the help of Gedeeld Verleden, Gezamenlijke Toekomst, RADAR, Keti Koti Rotterdam and Visser ’t Hooft Lyceum Leiden.

Premieres the 1st of July 2020.